Are you like "Painting with a Twist"?

Yes and no. We offer "paint and sip" classes similar to the ones you'll find at many of the corporate chains, but because we're independent, we can offer so much more. We can tailor our events to the taste of our guests, and experiment with different types of events.

Our paintings are all original, made by us (so we know how to teach them). Many are specifically created for blacklight painting events.

What does it cost?

BYOB painting classes: $35 per person

Blacklight freestyle: $35 per person

Regular freestyle: $25 per person

Our group rates (for 8 or more) are listed on our page about Private Parties/Group Rates

All materials and supplies are included. There are no hidden charges.

Are you on Groupon?

No. Many people aren't aware of this, but Groupon asks small businesses for a steep discount, and then takes a large percentage of what's left. No thanks. We feel that our prices are fair for the experience we provide.

What's the area like?

We're on the north edge of Flagler Village just south of Sunrise Blvd., in a plaza called the Hive, which also has a great coffee shop, a video game cocktail bar, a healthy restaurant/juice bar, and other establishments that you can enjoy before or after your painting session -- all just a few steps away.

What's the studio like?

Our studio has a friendly and welcoming vibe and is filled with colorful art. "Eye candy wherever you look," is how one guest put it. We're constantly adding to and changing our space, to keep it interesting. We like it funky, not sterile or boring.  

What's a painting class like?

It's not a very formal class, but more of a guided session to help you tap into your innate creativity, put your own spin on a shared design, and gain familiarity with materials -- all without fears of judgement. A local artist paints the designated painting step-by-step, explaining how to do it, and participants can follow along. We assist as needed.

Do I need to know how to paint?

Whether you are experienced or have never painted in your life, and whatever level of talent or skill you believe you have, we will help you take home a completed project that you can be proud of. We offer personalized attention for those who desire it, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Here's what recent guests said:

"It was so much fun and I thought I couldn't paint!" -- Vicki

"I'm far from an artist but with the instruction and guidance from Stephanie my picture came out great!!" -- Mindy

What's the deal with food and drinks?

At any time, feel free to bring your own favorite beverages including wine, beer, or cocktails, plus munchies. We offer complementary bottled water, paper plates, plastic cups and utensils, napkins and corkscrews. Anything else you may need should be included in what you bring. We also have a fridge where you're welcome to chill your refreshments.

If you need to buy drinks, the closest liquor store is Winn-Dixie at NE 6th Street and Federal. There's also a cocktail bar right in the Hive, steps away from our studio -- ask for your drinks in plastic cups and bring them over through the parking lot.

What's the parking situation?

There are about a dozen free spaces in the center of "The Hive," the plaza we're in. There are a few more free spaces along Flagler Drive, right by our front door. There's also plenty of free parking in two well-lit lots right across the street.

When should I arrive?

For guided classes, please arrive on time, and plan to stay approximately an hour and a half to 2 hours. Late arrivals who need to catch up can be disruptive to the other painters. We don't rush you -- we allow at least 30 minutes after the instruction ends for you to finish up your projects and mingle.

For freestyle sessions you can arrive any time, as long as it's at least two hours before closing so you have plenty of time to finish your painting. (If no one is painting at the studio two hours before closing time, we will close ahead of schedule).

What if I don't finish my painting in the allotted class or freestyle session time?

You are welcome to come in any time we're open for freestyle sessions, and finish your piece at no extra charge.

What about music?

We have a good bluetooth speaker. We play upbeat songs, often with a lot of stuff from the '80s. We play happy-romantic music on couples nights. Many guests have told us they love the music we play! If there's something you'd like to listen to, and no one else in the room minds, let us know. For your own party, you are welcome to bring your own playlist or make requests.

What age restrictions are there?

Kids of all ages are welcome, and must be accompanied by a supervising adult. Please be aware that alcohol may be present. You must be 18 and over to attend on your own, and over 21 to consume alcohol. We will check IDs if you appear to us to possibly be under 30.

What should I wear?

Whether you choose to dress up or stay casual, keep the following in mind... We provide aprons to protect your clothing, but there's still a (very small) chance that you could get paint on them. Once it dries, acrylic paint doesn't wash out.

Where can I keep my stuff?

We have cubbies for personal items like purses and phones, within your line of sight so you can easily keep an eye on them.

Should I sign up in advance, or just walk in?

For classes, we ask that you sign up at least 4 hours before the class. If no one has signed up in advance, we will cancel the class. (We have no minimum number for a class and will offer it even if just one person has signed up). For freestyle sessions, you can either sign up in advance to have a seat reserved for you, or just walk in and usually find a seat.

What's the cancellation policy?

If you cancel prior to the class start time, you will receive a credit for another class of your choosing. No refunds or credit will be given to those who don't show up or arrive late.

I saw a class on your website but then it disappeared. WTF?

We will cancel a class if someone schedules a private party during that time, but only if no one has signed up for the class yet. Once anyone signs up, we will not cancel it.


Directions, please?

From I-95: take Sunrise Blvd. east. As you cross the tracks, bear right on the street that curves onto Flagler Drive. In about a block and a half, you'll see us on the left (across from the tracks). Our door facing Flagler Drive is the one next to the mural of Debbie Harry. Our door facing the Hive's inner parking lot is next to Marilyn Monroe.

From US-1/Federal Hwy: just south of Sunrise, turn west on NE 9th Street. In about a block and a half, you'll see the Hive on the right.

How do I give feedback?

We'd love to hear your suggestions and comments! Please tell us what projects you'd like to do, what subjects you'd like to paint, or anything we can do to make your experience great. Email us at artsandcraftssocialclub@gmail.com