Freestyle Musical Chairs

*PARTY OPTION* - Musical Chairs Painting

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Here's a fun activity to get everyone talking and laughing while they paint!

Paint while the music plays. When the music stops, move to a different seat. Each painting gets worked on by a group of people, and by the end of the evening, you wind up where you began to finish the painting you started, and take it home.


"Freestyle Musical Chairs":
Each person uses their own choice of colors, and can paint whatever they want on each other's paintings, without guidelines. Let your creative spirits fly free!

"Abstract Angles Musical Chairs":
We use tape to make interesting shapes on the canvas, which we can all fill in and add patterns to. Taking the tape off leaves precise white lines. Each person has a distinct color and paints their name on the back of each canvas in that color, so you can see exactly what each person contributed to your painting.

"Blacklight Abstract Angles Musical Chairs":
The same as above, with fluorescent paints under UV/blacklight!

If you have a new idea and want to try it at your party, let us know!