*PARTY OPTION* - Blacklight Glow Paint Party

*PARTY OPTION* - Blacklight Glow Paint Party

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After dark,* we'll crank up the music and paint with fluorescent paint under black light! Painting can be either freestyle or instructed.

This is about having fun in the moment with really cool visual effects! Please note that while your paintings may also look great under normal light, they will look different than under blacklight (UV light).

*(Please note: dark falls at different times depending on the season. The recommended start time in the summer is 9pm; in the winter it can be any time after 6pm).

Some of the paintings we have for blacklight/glow paint classes follow.

"Rainbow Pop":

"Mix Tape," in normal light:

"Mix Tape," in blacklight:

"Undersea Life," in normal light:

"Undersea Life," in blacklight/UV light:

"Outer Space":

"Tree of Hearts":

"Marijuana Leaf":

This one comes in both a mermaid and merman version:

"Rainbow Unicorn":

"Claddaugh Ring":

"Ocean Glow":