01/30/19, Wed 1-10pm - Mindful Painting

01/30/19, Wed 1-10pm - Mindful Painting

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In this time of uncertainty and conflict, many of us feel increasing anxiety, loneliness, frustration and sorrow. Mindful activities such as painting can help us set aside negative emotions and gain equilibrium. In a safe and non-judgemental space, we can let go of what's bothering us and enjoy the moment.

Mindful Painting sessions are intended to be calming, relaxing, and grounding in physicality, in the body and the materials we're interacting with, while the mind calms down and becomes focused and centered.

Mindful Painting is about process more than result. We focus on what happens for us as we create, rather than the appearance of the final product (though these paintings do look pretty cool!) Our suggested process for these paintings is making many small, repetitive gestures on a plain field of color, though you are encouraged to paint however is most meaningful for you. Choose any colors that speak to your intuition.

Paint at your own pace. You can walk in any time between 1-8pm, and stay as long as you want, until we close at 10pm. Most paintings take about an hour and a half to two hours, but we won't rush you.

We play soothing music and set you up with everything you need. Included in the price are all materials and supplies for a painting on your choice of a 12"x12" or 16"x20" canvas.

Mindful painting is self-guided, not instructed -- though we're on hand to answer questions, and provide personal guidance and assistance as needed. This time is offered for you to create from your own intuition and vision. If you would prefer step-by-step painting instructions, we encourage you to sign up for one of our classes where each step of the painting is demonstrated.

Come with friends, family, or just you. Kids 14 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult (no charge to be present and supervise).

Our studio is BYOB -- bring beverages and munchies of your choice! We provide complementary bottled water. Must be 21+ to consume alcohol.

Reservations for mindful painting are recommended, but not required. Walk-ins are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis and access is dependent upon space and availability.

Must arrive at least two hours prior to the end of the session.

$25 per canvas


Suggested patterns:

When the gesture is a circle, it can remind us that we are inextricably connected with everything and everyone, and that we are whole and complete just as we are.

When the gesture is a wing, it can encourages us to transcend our limitations, to embark upon our journey, and to move through life with enthusiasm.

When the gesture is a question mark, it can remind us to be open to the mystery of the universe, and to let go of pre-conceptions.

When the gesture is a wave, it can inspire us to think about the rhythms of life, to ride its ebbs and flows with equanimity.

When the gestures are small lines, they can embolden us to reinforce our own integrity, to be self-assertive, and to remain solid on our chosen path.

When the gesture is a spiral, it can urge us to advance, to make progress, to transform ourselves.

When the gestures are leaves, they remind us to venerate the life force in everything, and to protect the natural world.

When the gesture is an X, it can support us as we let go of what doesn’t serve us well, reject toxicity, and overcome the past.

When the gestures are flames, they push us to tap into our passions, to meet life with enthusiasm and vigor.