01/12/19, Sat 7pm - BYOB Painting Session -

01/12/19, Sat 7pm - BYOB Painting Session - "Abstract Angles"

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This painting is appropriate for everyone, but especially for those with no painting experience, because you can't mess it up even if you try! We use tape to make shapes, paint solid colors over it, and then add patterns. Take off the tape, and wow -- looks great!!

Each painter chooses their own colors and makes their own shapes with the tape.


Because this painting is so individually variable, it only requires a brief orientation at the beginning, but not step-by-step instruction.

All materials and supplies are provided, including aprons.

BYOB -- bring your own wine, beer, cocktails and/or munchies. Must be 21+ to consume alcohol.

Reservations are required by 4pm the day of the session.

7-9pm Saturday, January 12