11/30/17, Thur 7 pm - BYOB Craft Session for adults:

11/30/17, Thur 7 pm - BYOB Craft Session for adults: "Paint & Fly Kites"

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Let your inner wild child out during our Throwback Thursday regression sessions!

Remember back when you were a kid, when art was simply fun? Instead of work, it was playing! Let go of all your adult hangups and perfectionism with kid-style crafts.

This week features painting kites.

Weather and time permitting, we'll go outside and try to fly those suckers!! Then they're yours to take home. They're made of tear-resistant fabric and are easy to fly.

Bring a friend, a group, or just yourself!

All materials and supplies are provided. We'll be on hand to assist whenever needed.

Bring your own wine, beer, or cocktails. You can also bring something to munch on if you like, and we provide light snacks.

7-9 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 30.

The event is 2 hours but we are open until 10pm in case you need to finish or just want to hang out. We won't rush you!