11/18/17, Sat 7pm - Art Game for Adults:

11/18/17, Sat 7pm - Art Game for Adults: "Painting Challenge!"

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Painting Challenge is a fun-as-hell Art Game for adults!

1) Pick a subject out of a box.

2) Close your eyes and choose 3 random colors.

3) Paint that thing!

Anyone who completes the challenge gets a free beer at BeerPunx, a few doors down (restrictions apply).

All materials and supplies are provided, including acrylic paint and 12"x12" canvas.

Bring your own wine, beer, or cocktails. You can also bring something to munch on if you like, and we provide light snacks.

7-9 pm Saturday, Nov. 18.

The class is 2 hours but we are open until 10pm in case you need to finish or just want to hang out. We won't rush you!



The Challenge: "a campfire." Colors: black, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent yellow-orange.

Painting Challenge "a campfire" with black, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent yellow-orange

The Challenge: "a chicken playing the guitar." Colors: burnt umber, ultramarine blue, fluorescent blue.

Paintin Challenge - "chicken playing guitar" with burnt umber, ultramarine blue, fluorescent blue

The Challenge: "a sea creature." Colors: fluorescent violet, bright red, black.

Painting Challenge - sea monster, with fluorescent violet, bright red, black