10/15/17, Sun 11 am - Morning Meditation Painting: X-es (Letting Go)

10/15/17, Sun 11 am - Morning Meditation Painting: X-es (Letting Go)

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Meditation painting is about process more than result. We focus on what happens for us as we create them, rather than the appearance of the final product (though these paintings do look pretty cool!) Our process for these paintings is making many small, repetitive gestures on a plain field of color, for a period of about two hours. Read more about it here.

These sessions are intended to be calming, relaxing, and grounding in physicality, in the body, while the mind calms down and becomes focused and centered.

This week's gesture is an X, which can encourage us to let go of what doesn’t serve us well, reject toxicity, and overcome the past. Suggested colors: fluorescent pink with dark red gestures.

If you like, bring your own coffee or tea, and perhaps something to munch on. We provide water and light snacks.

11 am-2 pm Sunday, Oct. 15.

The class is 2 hours, but we are open until 2pm in case you need to finish or just want to hang out. We won't rush you!

$25 in advance online; $30 at the door.