09/20/17, Wed 12 noon - Creative Workshop:

09/20/17, Wed 12 noon - Creative Workshop: "Self-Exploration through Soul Mapping"

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We will use visual elements to explore who we are, what shapes us, and who we want to be. We can conceptualize our map as a body, a geographical terrain, a spider diagram, interrelated symbolic images, or any others we dream up.

The workshop will include a brief presentation followed by group discussion, then individual activity, and finally sharing our thoughts about the experience and what we learned about ourselves.

All materials and supplies are provided.

This is part of a series of Creative Workshops that are designed to help us tap into our innate creative spirit while learning and practicing artistic techniques.

This workshop is noon Wednesday, Sept. 20.

The class is approximately 2 hours.

$35 in advance online; $40 at the door.