09/13/17, Wed 12 noon - Creative Workshop:

09/13/17, Wed 12 noon - Creative Workshop: "Drawing Cartoon Faces"

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How do cartoonists make eloquent, hilarious and totally relatable expressions with just a few simple lines? This introductory workshop is designed to give you the basic drawing skills to do just that!

We will explore and practice the design of head shapes, hair, and facial expressions as a way of creating characters showing a range of moods. You can apply this in drawing comics, editorial cartoons, greeting cards, memes and more.

The workshop will be presented by Stephanie McMillan, an award-winning cartoonist with more than 20 years experience in drawing editorial cartoons, a daily syndicated comic strip, illustration, graphic novels, and comics journalism.

All materials and supplies are provided.

This is the second of a series of weekly Creative Workshops that are designed to help us tap into our innate creative spirit while learning and practicing artistic techniques.

This workshop is noon Wednesday, Sept. 13.

The class is 2 hours.

$35 in advance online; $40 at the door.