09/08/18, Sat 1-3pm (4-week course through 9/29) - INTRODUCTION TO DRAWING

09/08/18, Sat 1-3pm (4-week course through 9/29) - INTRODUCTION TO DRAWING

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Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

How can I tap into my creativity, when I haven't made art since I was a kid?
Drawing looks like so much fun, but where do I even start?
What skills do I need as a foundation to improve?
What materials would I need, and how can I sort through all the confusing choices?
Don't you need special talent to be an artist?
What if my drawing sucks, and I embarrass myself?

I believe that you have an inner artist that is eager to tap in to your inherent creativity.

Perhaps when you were a child, you loved drawing and painting. But somewhere along the line, your confidence was undermined. Maybe someone said, "That's not the right way to draw that," or "Don't make a mess," or "You shouldn't paint that way." And suddenly you became self-conscious. That killed the joy, didn't it? Maybe you even gave it up.

"Thank you so much ... (the class) was really great and you're an incredible teacher!"
-- Stefanie


If you want to enjoy drawing with self-assurance and enthusiasm, you are in the right place.

Foundational drawing skills are the gateway to painting, urban sketching, and other exciting forms of art. Once you have the basic tools, techniques, and a little confidence, your creative journey can lead you to anywhere your imagination can dream up!

I fell in love with art as soon as I was old enough to hold a crayon in my tiny fist. But very soon, the discouraging voices began:  "Hands don't look like that." "Is that a dog or a horse?" "You're not talented enough." "It's too hard to be an artist; be practical."

But I'm a Capricorn: stubborn as hell.

It was a hard road but I became an artist, with 25 years of professional experience creating editorial cartoons, comic strips, graphic novels, and illustrations. I achieved syndication, won awards, and landed large clients including the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Los Angeles Times, Scholastic/New York Times and Forbes. Today I run an art studio with my partner Chris, where we offer "paint-and-sip" parties, art-related events, and classes.

While teaching, a distressing thing I've noticed is how deeply ingrained the negative voices are in so many people. Many students arrive with a heavy load of self-doubt: "I can't even draw a stick figure." "I made a mistake and ruined it." "This looks awful." "I can't make art."

And the most wonderful thing about teaching is hearing the enthusiasm in students' voices when those self-critical voices are silenced, and a student taps back into their long-neglected creativity: "I can't believe I made that!" "This actually looks really good!" "That was so much fun!"

Here are two drawings by one of my students, before and after taking this 4-week Introduction to Drawing course:

It really jazzes me up to help people get to that joyful place!! To help someone regain confidence in their creativity, to provide the tools and techniques to kickstart what can become a fun and rewarding lifetime artistic journey. And I'd love to help make that happen for you.

My name is Stephanie, by the way. (Hi!!) I'm here to help guide you toward a happier, more fulfilling and confidently creative life.

I believe that:

We learn by observation and by doing.
We learn more when we're enthusiastic.
Our enthusiasm grows when our confidence isn't undermined, but boosted.
We learn best with patient guidance, without judgement and pressure.
The goal is comprehension and improvement, not perfection.
Everyone is creative in some way.
All we need are the right skills, tools, and a bit of self-confidence.

We all deserve the opportunity to let our creativity blossom.

Do you want to give this gift to your inner artist, to yourself?

If you're ready to take this step, you can sign up for my 4-week course:

Introduction to Drawing

In four weekly sessions, you will learn how to "see like an artist," try out a variety of materials, and gain basic drawing skills, including:

line drawing

These foundational skills will be useful in any artistic practices you pursue for the rest of your life.

Each class includes demonstrations and group practice.

Class size is very limited so I can provide you with individualized guidance and feedback.

"What's great (along with the cool, welcoming environment that she and her partner Chris have created) is Stephanie's ability to coach and teach to many different skill levels."
-- Karen

The regular price is $160 for four 2-hour classes.
Summer rate: $120 for four 2-hour classes.

Sign up now to make sure you get a seat.

I look forward to helping you get further along your creative path!

Create boldly!



The 4-week course will be held 1-3 pm Saturdays: Sept. 8, Sept. 15, Sept. 22 and Sept. 29.

Classes will be held in our downtown Fort Lauderdale/Flagler Village studio:
Arts and Crafts Social Club
904 N. Flagler Drive, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
(behind Sears Plaza at Sunrise Blvd. & Federal Hwy/US-1)

* Parking is free and plentiful.

* Basic materials will be provided (no extra materials fee).

* Following the final class, we'll have an informal get-together to share and celebrate our progress. After that, feel free to stay and enjoy ArtWalk in the neighborhood.

* We offer students complementary water, sparkling water, tea and organic coffee. Feel free to bring your own beverages if you prefer.

* While basic drawing materials are provided, you can also bring your own drawing materials if you like.

* After each class, feel free to stay and hang out to practice and/or socialize.

* Refund policy: Full refunds up to 7 days before the course begins. After that, missed classes with 24+ hours notice will be refunded with credit for a similar class only. No refunds for late arrival or missing the class without 24 hours notice.


"So happy I took this course!"
-- Kathy