09/06/17, Wed 12 noon - Creative Workshop:

09/06/17, Wed 12 noon - Creative Workshop: "Seeing Like an Artist"

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"Seeing like an artist" is about close observation, and translating what we see into drawing. As our eye follows the shape and lines of objects, our hands trace the same line onto paper.

Please bring an object for the group to draw, preferably one that's an interesting shape, and is no bigger than a loaf of bread. Examples: a branch of leaves or flowers, hand tools, household goods.

All other materials and supplies are provided.

This is the first of a series of weekly Creative Workshops that are designed to help us tap into our innate creative spirit while learning and practicing artistic techniques.

This workshop is noon Wednesday, Sept. 6.

The class is 2 hours.

$35 in advance online; $40 at the door.