Our Story

The Arts & Crafts Social Club is run by Stephanie McMillan and Christopher Burns, partners in life as well as in business. Their mission is to make art more accessible to everyone by providing a welcoming venue, guidance, and encouragement for guests to tap into their inherent creativity.

Chris, a truck driver hailing from New Jersey, fell in love with Florida and moved down in 2005. After many years of channeling his creative spirit into music, writing and rebuilding motorcycles, he’s recently begun exploring visual art as well. He has written a children’s book (“Songbird, Fly!”), and has demonstrated an innate talent for painting, which he is honing and practicing. He’s currently working on a series of acrylic paintings on black canvas.

Stephanie, a Fort Lauderdale native, is an award-winning cartoonist and illustrator, whose published work includes graphic novels, comics journalism, and editorial cartoons in hundreds of publications worldwide (including her hometown local paper, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel). Her lifelong love of arts and crafts began with sculpture, beading and candle making sessions at the kitchen table led by her mother, Christine. Stephanie earned a BFA at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, has taught arts and crafts at summer camp, and has given numerous presentations in many classroom settings and larger venues.