Our Philosophy

The Art of Art

  1. Art is for everybody. We are each creative in some way. If you haven’t found your way yet, enjoy exploring.
  2. Be yourself! Let your own unique voice and style unfold.
  3. Art is about life. Use your emotions, experiences, observations and ideas
  4. Don’t focus on results. Enjoy the process of making art. Like love: if there's no joy, why bother?
  5. Don’t be judgey. Find and appreciate the beauty in every work of art.
  6. Perfectionism will immobilize you. A curious and playful attitude will free you.
  7. Art has no rules. No right or wrong. There are no mistakes. Welcome chance.
  8. Don’t worry about pleasing others. No one gets to tell us what to create or what to love.
  9. Let go of full control. Materials have their own mind. Dance with them.
  10. Quantity becomes quality. Practice leads to proficiency, evolution and innovation.
  11. You can do it. Only through work will anything be accomplished.
  12. Art is powerful. Use it wisely.