*10/18-11/08 - Kids After-School Art Program, 4-week program, 4:15 pm Wednesdays

*10/18-11/08 - Kids After-School Art Program, 4-week program, 4:15 pm Wednesdays

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“Discovering Ourselves Through Art”

A 4-week after-school program for kids ages 7-17

4:15-5:15pm Wednesdays (can stay up to 5:45 if needed)

Pricing: $80 per 4-week program, paid in advance in full.*

Summary of projects: during the session, each participant will take home two paintings and several copies of a collectively-produced zine.

Week 1: Wed, Oct. 18 - Abstract Angles Painting

A basic introduction to painting and color mixing, while creating our own abstract paintings.

Week 2: Wed, Oct. 25 - Zine Workshop

Participants create half-page drawn self-portraits (or any images that represent them), plus a half-page of something handwritten about themselves or that they like. These will be compiled to produce a zine representing everyone in the program, to be printed and distributed (3 copies each, plus a pdf will be made available for printing) before the end of the session.

Week 3: Wed, Nov. 1 - Designing a Personal Flag

We will explore initials, scenery and contextual elements (family, nature, etc), phrases and quotes, symbols, and other visual elements that express our inner selves. We will begin to compile them into a design for a flag. We will also choose a favorite color and paint the background on canvas, in preparation for the following week.

Week 4: Wed, Nov. 8 - Painting Personal Flags

We will paint the elements of our personal flags, and then each participant (if they wish) can share their piece with the rest of the group.

* Please note: no refunds or partial refunds unless we are responsible for a missed class. If a participant misses a session, you will receive credit for either a future session or painting during our open studio hours (if the latter, must be accompanied by a responsible adult).