*PARTY OPTION* - Painting Challenge!

*PARTY OPTION* - Painting Challenge!

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Painting Challenge is a fun-as-hell Art Game for adventurous painters of all ages!

1) Pick a subject out of a box.

2) Close your eyes and choose 3 random colors.

3) Paint that thing!

Anyone who completes the challenge gets a free beer at BeerPunx, a few doors down (restrictions apply).


The Challenge: "a campfire." Colors: black, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent yellow-orange.

Painting Challenge "a campfire" with black, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent yellow-orange

The Challenge: "a chicken playing the guitar." Colors: burnt umber, ultramarine blue, fluorescent blue.

Paintin Challenge - "chicken playing guitar" with burnt umber, ultramarine blue, fluorescent blue

The Challenge: "a sea creature." Colors: fluorescent violet, bright red, black.

Painting Challenge - sea monster, with fluorescent violet, bright red, black