Creative Workshops

We're offering a series of weekly workshops to tap into our creative potential. We will learn and practice a range of artistic techniques, and apply them to explore our inner selves more deeply, with the goal of being more true to who we really are.

Many people tell us that the last time they loved making art or crafts was when they were kids, but that since then they've stiffened up, became perfectionist and self-critical, and generally lost touch with their creative spirit. But it's never too late to reconnect!

There are many reasons to do so:

  • Creativity is a universal human need, for celebration and healing
  • It's therapeutic, elevating mood and promoting well-being
  • It helps us tap into our subconscious and learn more about ourselves
  • It's an infinitely adaptable means of self-expression
  • Its lessons and habits can be applied to all areas of life, to help us realize our full potential
  • It awakens our imagination to solve problems and expand our range of possibility

Free your creative spirit, celebrate your unique weirdness, uncage your wild heart, be your true self! Let's take this creative journey together!

The topics change weekly. For your convenience, each workshop will be offered at two different times.

Open to all ages.

$35 per workshop; $200 for a series of any 8 workshops or events (you save $80).

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